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Water Heaters: Tank vs. Tankless

It’s been a while since we really talked about the difference between these two types of water heaters. They’re both common, they both work, and they’re both efficient for homes in their own way. We constantly run into homeowners who have wild misconceptions about both types of systems. We’re going to put an end to those myths today.

Both tank and tankless water heaters in Mason, OH are powerful solutions to the problem of hot water. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t both be in use. Tank water heaters provide a more conventional solution that’s both initially more affordable and effective for certain families. Tankless systems provide an alternative source of water heating that solves some of the problems a tank water heater has, at a higher price.

Tank Water Heaters

Let’s start with the most conventional water heater on the market: the tank water heater. These systems are as standard as they get, housing all the hot water you might need in a tank and kept at a high enough temperature at all times so you have immediate access to hot water at a moment’s notice.


Where these systems excel is in their affordability and convenience for small families. For many families in our area, one hot water tank is plenty for a comfortable shower, washing dishes, doing laundry, and hand washing. The tank is easy to keep in a basement or crawlspace, models are becoming more and more affordable by the year, and they’re even making serious efficiency improvements. Some hot water tanks are even powered by heat pumps to maximize the efficiency of the heating system.


Tank water heaters are bulky. They take up a lot of space and they can constantly run out of hot water if you’ve got a larger family or a family that uses hot water for long periods of time. They also suffer from a problem called standby heat loss, which means the tank constantly wastes energy just to keep the water warm while it waits for you to use an appliance.

Tankless Water Heaters

Going tankless means investing in a system that’s hyper-efficient, fast, and reliable. Tankless systems heat water as it enters a home through powerful gas jets. This might seem like a less conventional way to get hot water, but families love that they get access to an almost unlimited amount of hot water for their personal use.


As we said earlier, a tankless water heater provides almost unlimited hot water for your family, as long as you’re willing to pay for it. It doesn’t have the problem of standby heat loss, so it’s going to run more efficiently than a tank water heater. Because there’s less water-to-metal contact, a tankless water heater doesn’t require as much maintenance as a tank water heater does.


To put it bluntly—tankless water heaters are more expensive. They cost more initially to set up, even though they save money on hot water costs down the line. And in some houses with multiple hot water-using appliances working at once, a poorly sized tankless water heating system can have trouble providing enough hot water.

Let’s decide together on your next water heater. Call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. today.

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