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What Makes Sewer Cleaning So Tough?

Sewers are not the easiest thing in the world to clean, which is why professionals should always be the ones doing it. While you might not be able to see the status of your sewer, we can almost guarantee that unless you get it cleaned regularly, it’s got years of build-up that needs powerful cleaning to remove.

Sometimes homeowners get confused as to why plumbers like us carry such high tech equipment like video camera inspection tools and hydro jets. Once you’ve gotten a glimpse as to how complicated sewer cleaning services can be, however, it will start to make sense.

Let’s get into some of the basic problems that come with sewer cleaning. If you’re reading through this blog post and you remember that your sewer has not been cleaned by a professional in years or even decades, then be sure to call us today.

What’s the Problem?

What’s stopping you as a homeowner from just going down into your sewers and cleaning them yourself? After all, you clean your bathroom and your kitchen all the time, it can’t be that much harder right? Well, not to be harsh, but that’s wrong!

Your sewer system is incredibly hard to reach from the get-go. It’s located deep beneath your home and some areas are almost inaccessible for a homeowner without unscrewing pipes and risking the integrity of your plumbing system. That’s why many professional solutions include an auger that can fit all the way down the pipes. We can clean them without actually having to be in them, which is something that homeowners can’t really do.

Also, sewers are usually covered in years of build-up to the point where conventional cleaning methods wouldn’t really work. Even if you took apart your sewer system and started scrubbing, it would take you days to make a dent in this kind of grime. Professionals have access to more powerful tools when it comes to cleaning your sewer.

Introducing the Hydro Jet

Our solution to these sewer problems is the hydro jet. It’s a powerful water jet system that’s attached to the end of a plumbing auger. We can lower it into your sewer system and unleashed pressurized water to the point of removing pretty much anything in there. Forget about hazardous chemicals, sharp tools, or even the thought of replacing your sewer pipes due to a clog.

Hydro jets are powerful enough to remove even the most solidified build-up in your sewer system. They’re a clean solution to such a messy problem: environmentally friendly and efficient. What’s better than using plain water to clean your sewer system without any extra steps?

There Are Other Solutions

The nifty thing about working with a professional team like ours, is that we have a whole arsenal of tools that work for specific jobs. When it comes to cleaning your sewer, we can use many industrial-grade snakes, plungers, and cleaning supplies to remove build-up. Does your home’s sewer system have special needs? We’ve likely got a tool that’s perfect for the job.

Call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for specialized sewer system cleaning services.

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