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Why Drain Cleaning Is an Important Plumbing Service

bubbling-drainWhen we say “drain cleaning,” what first comes to your mind? Probably a clogged drain that you want unclogged. Unstopping clogged up drains is an important part of drain cleaning, and it’s a service people often call our plumbers to do. When you have a single drain or toilet clogged in your house, and a standard plunger won’t take care of it, that’s when you get in touch with one of our plumbers for the drain cleaning that will solve the problem.

Drain cleaning, however, is more than simple unclogging. It’s also an important maintenance job for your plumbing. If you’re right now in the middle of your annual “spring cleaning” rituals—whatever they may be—we recommend you make scheduling regular drain cleaning services in Cincinnati, OH with our professional plumbers one of those rituals.

The reasons this is an important service

“Isn’t it excessive to have drain cleaning done every year?” you might ask. No, it’s not—because when you consider how often you need to schedule tune-ups and cleanings for many important appliances that do less work than your drains, it’s easy to see why drain cleaning should be done each year.

Consider what goes down your drains on a daily basis. Let’s start with the kitchen. No matter how careful you are with keeping food particles from going down the kitchen sink drains, a large amount of organic material will still end up in the drains. Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are the most insidious of these materials: they’re byproducts of most forms of cooking, and when they cool down they turn into waxy solids. Over a year, the FOG build-up on the drains can threaten to start clogs as well as make your kitchen unhygienic. Drain cleaning eliminates this, which will not only prevent clogging trouble but will eliminate awful smells and drain flies.

With bathroom drains, you’re dealing with trouble from soap scum and hair. Drain covers can help prevent too much hair from getting down the drains, but again you can’t stop all of it. Hair clogs build-up to become extremely difficult clogs to remove. Soap scum can be even worse, since chemical reactions in the soap can cause damage to the pipes. Regularly removing this build-up not only prevents clogs, it also protects the plumbing.

Any build-up of any type, wherever it is in the house, can also cause a rise in water pressure, leading to cracked pipes—or possibly even a fully burst pipe.

Thorough professional drain cleaning

Our drain cleaning services don’t mean we come to your house and pour some chemicals down the drains. We don’t recommend anyone use acidic chemicals for drain cleaning! Our process uses powerful hydro-jetting, which scours the inside of the drainpipes with high-pressure water. This not only removes all build-up, including hard water limescale, it won’t damage the pipes. We’ll leave your home’s drainage system “like new,” and you probably won’t need to call us for drain cleaning services until your next appointment a year from now.

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