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Drain Cleaning: A Great Idea for the New Year

You probably have a few ideas for home improvements planned in 2017. If you don’t mind, we would like to make a suggestion for one you can add to the list. Don’t worry… this is actually one that’s simple to do. You only have to contact our professional plumbers and tell them that you want to arrange for professional drain cleaning services.

“But I don’t need drain cleaning. There aren’t any clogs or slow drains.”

Drain cleaning isn’t only for emergencies! If you do run into clogged-up drains, then calling us is the right choice. But drain cleaning is also a preventive measure. It will stop clogs from happening in the first place because it clears out all the build-up in the drains that makes blockages easy to start. If you encountered a number of drain clogs during the year, drain cleaning can make the next year clog-free!

“Can’t I just use some liquid drain cleaners instead?”

No, please don’t! No professional plumbers recommend using liquid “drain cleaners” from a store. These are basically bottles of toxic and highly acidic chemicals. They can cause damage to drains, and they don’t even do a thorough job. At most, they’ll claw through a clog to allow water to pass through, but won’t do anything about the root problem.

“What’s special about professional drain cleaning?”

When you have professional plumbers with the best equipment, you’ll receive a level of cleaning that’s impossible through any other methods. Our plumbers use powerful hydro-jetting techniques, which is high-pressure blasts of water that scour the drains in all directions at once. This dislodges even the toughest build-up and cleans the whole drain. And it won’t damage your pipes and is environmentally safe.

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. serves Cleves, OH and the entire Cincinnati Area. Contact us today for the drain cleaning that will give your plumbing a Happy 2017!

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