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Watch for These 3 Signs You Need Sewer Cleaning Services

The sewer pipeline isn’t a part of the residential plumbing system that people like to think about. However, it’s vital for maintaining a healthy and hygienic home life. Should the sewer line that leads from your home’s wastewater pipes to the municipal sewer system (or to a septic tank if you don’t have access to a municipal sewer) become clogged, it will have serious consequences. Cleaning a sewer line is a job that only professionals can handle using special hydro-jetting equipment, so call on a team with the best tools and skills to manage your sewer cleaning

Here are 3 signs that it’s time to make that call to our sewer cleaning team:

  1. Clogged drains all around the home: A single backed-up drain is a warning that there’s a clog down in the drainpipe. Sometimes a plunger will fix this, and other times it will take a professional plumber. But if these clogged and slow drains are occurring all around the house, it’s a warning that there’s a problem much deeper, probably in the sewer line. The clogging will start in the lowest part of your house first, so pay attention to drain clogs that start on the first floor of your home or in the basement.
  2. Foul smells from the drains: A bad-smelling drain can often be fixed by just running water down it to restore the water plug in the p-trap. If this doesn’t solve the problem, however, and the issue is starting to appear in more drains, it’s probably because sewage is backing up in the pipes.
  3. Water spots in the basement: Because the basement is the lowest part of the house, sewage back-up with start there first. When you see water spots appearing around drains in the basement, or horrible smells coming from them, it’s a major signal that there’s something wrong with the sewer line.

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. offers professional sewer cleaning for homes in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas.

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