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Some Signs That You Have Hard Water

Hard water isn’t something you want in your home: it means that the water flowing into the plumbing system from the municipal supply contains a higher than normal mineral content, usually magnesium, gypsum, and calcium. This isn’t actually harmful for people to drink, although it may not taste very good. The real problem with hard water is what it does to the plumbing in the house, not the people. The high mineral content leaves deposits on the inside of pipes, lowering available volume and leading to high water pressure, leaks, and eventual pipe replacement. Hard water can also cause damage to many appliances—water heaters are the most at risk—and lead to clogged faucets and showerheads.

The way to counteract hard water is to have a water softener installed. You can tell that it’s time to call for a professional plumber to install one when you notice the following:

  • Trouble with soap lather: Does it seem like it’s difficult to work up a good lather of suds when you’re doing the dishes, bathing, or using a bucket and mop to clean the house? This is one of the side effects of hard water: it makes it harder to work up a good soap lather.
  • Film across bath, shower, and sink surfaces: Hard water tends to leave behind a chalky white film across household surfaces. This is especially noticeable on glass shower doors.
  • Flaky deposits on fixtures: A white, chalky residue on faucets and showerheads indicates too much calcium in the water.
  • Dry skin and flat hair: Because soap doesn’t rinse properly in hard water, it will leave your skin feeling dry and make your hair go flat.

If you suspect hard water in your home, call for professionals to test the water. They’ll provide you with the answers you need—and the installations that will take care of whatever is plaguing your water supply.

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