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Other Sewer Line Problems to Watch For

sewer-line-rootsLast week we wrote about backups in sewer lines, which are potentially a huge problem in a home. We looks at trouble from aging sewer line material, issues that can occur in the municipal sewage system that can end up creating a backup, and the common tree-root infiltration trouble.

This week we’d like to take another look at the sewer line and some of the other problems it can experience at the end of the summer. We hope you don’t have any emergency issues with your sewer line in Cincinnati, OH at this time of year, but you can always depend on our professionals for the help you need should trouble arise. We have 24-hour service for these emergency periods.

Overworked and Incorrectly Used Garbage Disposals

Taking good care of your sewer lines starts right in the kitchen … with the garbage disposal. If you’re doing a lot of cooking at the end of the summer with fruits and vegetables, plenty of produce can end up going down the disposal. The purpose of the disposal is to grind that material so it can end up in the sewage system rather than the landfills. This is a good idea, but one that can backfire if you allow too many items down it that can create sewer line clogs, such as onion skins, potato peels, celery and other fibrous vegetables, and any type of liquid oil or grease. These can lead to obstinate sewer clogs that require professional sewer line cleaning to remove. Keep these items away from the disposal, and always run a sufficient amount of water through the disposal when it operates to send the waste through the sewer line.

Garbage Down the Toilet

Don’t use the toilet to flush away non-organic items. The only paper that should go in the toilet is actual toilet paper. Facial tissue paper is highly absorbent, which causes it to swell up inside the sewer line and possibly block it. Don’t throw moist-towelettes down the toilet either, as they are a major source of trouble when the clump together—not only in your sewer line, but for the municipal sewer system.

Dry Ground and Cracked Sewer Lines

The end of summer is often a period when the ground starts to turn dry—and this can be potentially hazardous for the sewer line, with older sewer lines made from iron, clay, or steel the most susceptible to damage. The Cincinnati area has many older homes built before World War II which may still have their original sewer line, and it doesn’t take much to damage pipes this old. We don’t suffer from earthquakes here, but dry ground can still shift, putting enough pressure to cause the sewer line to break.

Remember, as soon as you detect any indication you have a backed-up or leaking sewer line, call on our professionals. We use trenchless technology for sewer line repair, and we also have powerful hydro-jetting equipment to handle the job of cleaning clogged lines fast and thoroughly. If you have an older home, we strongly recommend an appointment with us to see if a full sewer line replacement is the best option.

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