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What Does Plumbing Excavation Entail?

Wow, there’s a lot of information out there on the world wide web. You’ve probably been searching all night for what encompasses plumbing excavation, but you’re at a loss. With the rise of the internet comes the difficulty of choosing the right team for the job, especially if you’re unsure as to what the job entails!

Relax and take a deep breath. You don’t need to know all about this kind of work to choose the right team. While we can help you learn some of the ins and outs of plumbing excavation in Fairfield, OH, it’s ultimately up to the professional you choose to get the job done right. You should never, under any circumstances, try this out yourself.

So, what would our plumbing excavation look like, and why would you choose us? Those are excellent questions that we seek to answer if you just keep reading!

The Process

Plumbing systems are mostly located underground. This isn’t by accident, it’s so that your pipes don’t have to endure the harsh weather conditions that the rest of our property does. Underground, things are relatively consistent, dry, and there are fewer animals and people that can do harm to it. So, we have to dig in order to set up your home’s plumbing system, and that requires some serious excavation.

This takes a lot of time, machinery, and expertise to the point where you never want to have your property excavated twice. It’s imperative that your plumbing excavation services are performed by pros so the job is done perfectly the first time. Otherwise, you’ll see a lot more of your lawn dug up than you’d like.


It doesn’t stop there! Where we dig is a critical aspect of plumbing excavation. For instance, if you’ve got a lot of forestation and trees on your property, then we’re going to have to curb our services around that. Tree roots can become an insidious problem for your plumbing system since they often infiltrate pipes and cause water pressure to drop or sewage to leak. This type of problem can usually be avoided during excavation as long as it’s performed by a trained professional.

The Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. Difference

So how does our team deal with these complicated excavation problems differently from our competitors?

For starters, we use some of the most high-tech equipment around in order to understand the chemical makeup of the soil on your property, where trees and rocks are located, and the easiest path your plumbing can take. By using high-tech equipment, our plumbing excavation services tend to require less time than our competitors, and they usually go off without a hitch, which is a huge boon!

We’re also extremely communicative about our work. We’ve got experience in this field, which means we know what we’re doing and how to properly excavate your soil and set up a plumbing system. We’re going to ask you all of the relevant questions necessary to gather the right information for this work. We’re sorry if this seems intimidating, but wouldn’t you rather have a team on the job that’s as thorough as we are?

Contact Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for help excavating your property for a plumbing installation.

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