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2 Scientific Ways to Clean Your Drains

Homeowners who think that master plumbers aren’t well trained in math and science are gravely mistaken. The art of plumbing isn’t just unscrewing pipes and using heavy machinery, like hydro jets and augers—it also takes some complex calculation, including factors like gravity and displacement, in order to seriously solve the problems of homeowners for the lowest price possible.

Take drain cleaning for instance. Plumbers must know exactly how much pressure must be used in order to remove a drain clog with hydro-jetting, or how much pressure it would take to hurt your pipes, which is something that we need to avoid!

Basically, we’d like to give you a rundown of some scientific ways our specialists can analyze and fix your drain clogs when it comes to plumbing in Fort Thomas, KY. From DIY solutions to a professional hand, plumbing is a lot more complex than homeowners might think!

Solving a Drain Clog Using Gravity

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve probably succeeded in avoiding the use of harsh chemical drain cleaners. That’s very good because these chemicals will absolutely obliterate your pipelining and end up causing way more problems than they solve. So, what safer materials use gravity when you’re dealing with a drain clog?

Baking soda and vinegar is actually an incredibly useful and natural way to help clear a clog from your plumbing temporarily before you might need professional help. Boiling water helps as well, especially if it’s a kitchen sink that’s clogged with fats, oils or grease. These natural solutions use gravity as they are poured down your drain and begin interacting with the clogged material.

Obviously this solution is not for everyone and might not even solve your issue entirely. At that point, it’s always better to call for a professional.

Fixing Your Clog Using Pressure

This one is a little more well known to homeowners since plungers have been around for a very long time! A plunger works by creating a seal with the rubber end that allows you to increase the pressure when you push down. As you plunge, you’re increasing and decreasing the pressure, hopefully pushing the clogged material while it falls apart and gets pushed successfully down your drain.

Don’t think for a second that your personal plunger will solve all drain issues, though. Professional plumbers have industrial strength plungers, as well as hydro jets that deal with much higher amounts of pressure. These plumbing solutions are much stronger and when paired with the right professional, can deal with pretty much any clog that can occur.

Other Plumbing Solutions

Plumbers have a ton of drain cleaning solutions up their sleeves, so the list of scientific drain solutions doesn’t stop here! Things like drain snakes and pipe replacement can be an easy way to deal with the more insidious drain clogs that can’t be removed via pressure or gravity.

If you take anything from this post, let it be that plumbers are, at heart, engineers. They use scientific principles like gravity and pressure in order to help clear your drains affordably and effectively. No DIY solution will be as comprehensive as scheduling plumbing service.

Need help with your drain? Give our specialists at Ken Neyer Plumbing Inc. a call today!

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